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About Stanford Computer & Technical Services


Serving the Crested Butte area since 2003, Cole Stanford, or locally known as "The Computer Guy", has been dedicated to providing the highest quality of computer service and support for the Crested Butte area.  What sets Stanford Computer & Technical Service LLC apart from the competition is experience working in the north end of the valley.  We live and work at the end of the road, which presents challenges and opportunities specific to Crested Butte, and I've been helping customers with these situations for over 12 years.


Office located on Elk Avenue in Crested Butte

Our office is in the Salt Lick Buiding at the corner of 3rd and Elk, 405 3rd St, Suite A.  Our location provides a great setting for any in office needs we can help with.  If your situation requires on-site service, no problem, we are happy to come to your house or office.


Give us a call if you need help syncing your iCloud acount on your apple devices, or if you'd like to sit down for an hour and make sure you are making the most of your devices.

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